Band Album
Damnable (POL) Completly Devoted
Disinter (USA) Demonic Portraiture
Revenge (CAN) Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist CD/ Vinyl
Haemorrhage ( ESP) Morgue Sweet Home CD/ Vinyl
Bewitched (SWE) Diabolical Desecration + Encycloedia Of Evil (Box)
Masacre (COL) Remastering box set
Profanatica (USA) Collection
Severe Torture (HOL) Butchery of the soul
Fearer Confessions to Hate CD/ Vinyl
Kadath Chasing the devil
Primordial (IRL) Storm Before Calm CD/ Vinyl
Blood Red Throne (NOR) A Taste of Blood
Ancient (NOR) Det Glemke Riket- Remastering
Burialmound (FIN) Black Death
V.A. Compilation Music for Generation Armageddon (Sinister, Primordial, Necrophobic…)
V.A. Compilation World Domination IV (Absu, Enslaved, Melechesh…)
Thornspawn (USA) Wrath Of War
Lividity (USA) ‚Til Only The Sick Remain
Pandemia (CZ) Personal Demon
Tears of Decay Saprophyt
Antaeus (FR) De Principii Evangelikum
Horna (FIN) Risti Ja Ruoska 7″ EP
Seth (FR) Divine X
Septic Flesh (GRE) Sumerian Daemon
Funeral Inception (INDONESIA) Anthems Of Disenchantment
Mind the Gap Wake Up Dead
Harmony Dies/ Spawn Split EP
Ravager (MEX) Storm of Sin
Polymorph Split 10″
Chicago Jazzz Album
Axis of Advance (CAN) The List
Necrophobic (SWE) Darkside -remastering
Necrophobic (SWE) The 3rd antichrist -remastering
Necrophobic (SWE) Nocturnal Silence-remastering
Ashes You Leave (CRO) Fire
Hearse (SWE) Dominian Reptilian
Macabre (USA) Unabomber remastering
Case Closed Don well
Mortem (RUS) Death is my Name
Infernal (SWE) comp remastering
Impious (SWE) The Deathsquad
Rebaelliun (BRA) best of remastering
Nocturnal Breed (NOR) best of remastering
Blood Dysangelium
Disaster K.F.W. Death Ritual
Cenotaph (TUR) Pseudo Verminal Cadaverium
Aeternus (NOR) Re-Mastering session Aeternus HHR 077 debut
Aeternus (NOR) Re-Mastering session Aeternus HHR 023 2nd album
Aeternus (NOR) Re-Mastering session Aeternus HHR 008 album no.3
Aeternus (NOR) Re-Mastering session Aeternus HHR 052 album no. 4
Callenish Circle (HOL) My Passion/Your Pain
Born from Pain (HOL) Sands Of Time
Greenfly (ESP) Hidden Pleasures of a Nonexistent Reality
Waco Jesus (USA) Filth
Vomitory (SWE) Redemption remastering CD/ Vinyl
Dreadful Shadows Buried Again remastering
Prostitute Disfigurement (HOL) Deeds Of Derangement
V.A. Compilation „Tribute to Possessed“ (Vader, Cannibal Corpse, Amon Amarth…)
V.A. Compilation „Morbid Two“ ( Waco Jesus, Blood, Lubricant, Dying Fetus…)
Born/ Consume (USA) Split-LP
Misericordia (SWE) Dechristianize
Remains of the Day (USA) LP
Hellshock (USA) only the dead know the end of war
Primordial (IRL) Remastering demo
Necromorph Inputcollapse
Entrails Massacre Crucial Strikes With Attitude
Fearer Descent CD/ Vinyl
Cruachan (IRL) Pagan
Dark Disciple (USA) Unholy Hate Gore
Legion (CAN) Jesus..
Stendal Blast/Blutengel Split cd
Bonestorm Death Punk
Scräck 12 „EP
Disinter (USA) As we burn
Seth (FR) Era Decay
Killing Spree Chooce & Decide
King Bastard Time on my Hands
Hypnosis (FR) Cyber Death
Nasum (SWE) Industrislaven remastering vinyl
FDM/Insttute Split LP
Spawn Human Toxin
Ulvhedin (NOR) Pagan Manifest
Death Reality Bloodprints
Pulmonary Fibrosis/ Bloodpack Split
Tonopol Perlen
Infanticide (SWE) CD
Morbid Mind Ragin‘ Deep Inside
Nomans Land (RU) Hammerfrost
Keitzer Suicide Anthology
Thanateros Dirty old Town (EP)
Tunes Of Dawn Of Tragedies in the Morning & Solutions in the Evening
Necrony (SWE) Pathological Performances remastering
Dead Split CD/ You´ll never know pleasure/ V.I.P. remastering
Nuclear Tribunal Attack of the Salami Smokers….remastering
Who´s my Saviour Glasgow Smile
Criterion (NOR) The Dominant
Ezy Meat (IRL) Rockin the Colosseum VINYL CUT
Hypnös (CZ) Rabble Manifesto
Grind Inc Executed
Polymorph Disgraceful Supper
Cerebric Turmoil Turn Of Oppression
Semen Datura Vineta Part I
U:Con Eye On You
Callenish Circle (HOL) Pitch. Black. Effects
Svartsyn (SWE) Bloodline
Black Messiah Oath of a Warrior
Silenter Pain Management
Succubus Out Of The Abyss
Wrath (UK) Viking
Scream Silence Saviourine
Prohibited Release `06
Haemorrhage (ESP) Apology For Pathology
Insect Warfare/ Hatred Surge Split EP
Harvest Hate’s Not For Granted
Farewell To Words Tear Down this Wall
Kratornas (PHIL) The Corroding Age of Wounds
Suffocated (CHINA) Dead Wind Rising
Manos At Mania Of Death REMASTERING
Tanzwut Schattenreiter
Feed Forward (HOL) Barefoot & Naked
Frown (SLOV) Lovesinspain
One Hope Left Promo 06
Aisling (ITA) Aisling/Trath Na Gaoth
Undergod (CH) Killove
Korades Accoustic Warfare
Infanticide (SWE) CD
Bloody Phoenix/ System Shit Split EP
Holocausto Canibal (POR) Opusgenitalia
Resurrected Endless Sea Of Loss
5Bugs Tomorrow I’ll Play God
Skarp Bury Your Dead
Requital Promo 06
Smoked Sausage Smokedetector
More Than Crossed Plastic Life
Firerazor Promo 06
Kathaarsys (ESP) Verses In Vain
Avulsed (ESP) Reanimations
Unreal Overflows (ESP) Architecture Of Incomprehension
Engine Of Pain (HOL) I am your Enemy
Sorgsvart(NOR) Fortapt Verden i vakkert Selvmord
Thrudvangar Walhall
Fatal Embrace Dark Pounding Steel
Sammath (HOL) Dodengang
Grind Inc Inhale the Violence
Carnavage(ALG) The Hairless Fat Carnage Deed
Letzte Instanz Wir sind Gold
Necrophobic (SWE) Hrimthursum VINYL CUT
Pinboys (DK) Teenage Wasteland
War from a A Harlots Mouth Transmetropolitan
The Death Of Apathy (AUT) The Death Of Apathy
Legion Of The Damned (HOL) Malevolent Rapture VINYL CUT
Legion Of The Damned (HOL) Sons Of The Jackal VINYL CUT
Legion Of The Damned (HOL) Feel The Blade VINYL CUT
Splinter X The Sound Of Relevation
Subconscious Forever Is Now
Massmörd (SWE) Unleashed (mega crust)
Bruce Campbell (USA) We are all Kamikaze
No Exit Ihr nicht !
Namenlos Freiheit! Gleichheit! Brüderlichkeit!
Rolando Random & The Young Soul Rebels Fistful of courage
The Negatives (SWE) At The End Of The Rope
Troopers Bestialisch
Sense Never Came Farewell Letter-Last March To Eternity
Arcana XXII (NAMIBIA) Your Fatal Embrace
Manos Genocide
Lethal Aggression (USA) Life Is Hard REMASTERING
Caper Punks vs. Gouverment
Deathevokation (USA) The Chalice of Ages CD/ Vinyl
Sodom The Final Sign Of Evil CD/ Vinyl
Engine Of Pain (HOL) Promo 08
Akrival Vitriolic
Lola Angst Schwarzwald
Make it Count Leeway CD/ Vinyl
Noisear Pyroclastic Annhiallation
Volcano Demo
Punishable Act From the Heart to the Crowd
Punishable Act Rhythm Of Destruction
Oxo86 Kommen, seh’n und singen
Turbolover Brot für die Welt
Guided Cradle (US/ CZ) You Will Not Survive CD / Vinyl
The Business (UK) DVD
Troopers DVD
Morbid Mind Deadly Inc.
Thirdmoon (AUT) Dimorphic Cynosure
Keitzer As The world Burns
Arthur & the Spooners All Spooned up
Haemorrhage/ Dead Split VINYL CUT
Spawn The Wicked Reincarnation
Fightball Fightball
Sham 69 (UK) seriously ultimate
Tonopol Erzähl mir mehr
Legacy of Hate (AUT) Unmitigated Evil
Enthrallment (BUL) Immerse Into Bloody Bliss
Sanatorium (SLOV) 09 release
Wojczech 12″ LP Grinding the Ruins
V.A. Compilation A Few The Proud- A Tribute To Negative FX (Cripple Bastards, Extortion, Life Crisis…)
September Murder Agony in Flesh
Katanga Moonchild
Failed Suicide Plan 09 release
The Ruins Of Beverast Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite CD/ Vinyl
Protection Of Hate 1st Statement
Su 19b (JAP) Discography
Necessary Response (USA) Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound
Lola Angst Viva La Lola
Phobia/ Skrupel Split CD
V.A. Compilation Tribute to Nasum CD/Vinyl
Secretum Management sKills
Drop Out Chaos Kalt und Dreckig
Necromorph/ Violent Headache Split CD
Sammath (HOL) Triumph in Hatred CD/ Vinyl
Tangent Plane Project Elimi(nation)
Simple Existenz Das Leben vor dem Tod CD/ Vinyl
Defkrom Gift in deinen Adern
New Hate Rising Hatebreed
Tokks Voitto Formation
V.A. Compilation Berlin Hardcore Vol. III (Anticops, Seconds Out, Punishable Act…)
Stand Your Ground Propaganda Against
In Disgust/ PLF Split release CD/ vinyl
Bonsai Kitten Done with hell CD/ vinyl
Tunes of Dawn Release 10
Jan Dorn ungebraucht zurück
City Cracks Down Fuck your attitude
Teufel Absinth
Tonedown Split Release `10
F.T.E. (USA) compilation
Extortion (AUS) Split Release `10
All For Revenge All For Revenge
Anne Tanke Wenn du schon mal gehst
Never My Queen Unlearned CD/Vinyl
V.A. Compilation HC Connection (Cro-Mags, Peter & the Test Tube Babies, Yuppicide) CD/ Vinyl
Protection of Hate Bleeding Hardcore
BuzzDee`s Mitkomm ! CD/ Vinyl
Potstock Live DVD
Schrotz Release 2011
Cytotoxin Plutonium Heaven
Namenlos 10inch 2011 CD/ Vinyl
The Last Twilight (ESP) La Octava Copa de Ira
Your World Dies Monday Morning Desperation
Tanzwut Morus et Diabolus
Isolated Antistyle
Tanzwut Weiße Nächte
Guerra Total (COL) Mas Alla De La Tumba
V.A. Split Yourself 5-way-split with Fetocide / Cerebric Turmoil / Johnston / Very Wicked / Tears Of Decay
Tormentor Violent World
Bonsai Kitten Welcome to my World
All I’ve Got Words
Fleshrevels (SWE) Stoned And Out VINYL
Great Awakening (USA) 3 Of A Kind
Drop Out Chaos Wo geht die Reise hin
Springtoifel 30 Jahre beste Ware (DCD)
Extortion (AUT) EP
V.A. Compilation VINYL 6 way Live LP (Wormrot, Yacopsae, Entrails Massacre)
Revenge (MEX) Rage and Revenge
Die arbeitslosen Bauarbeiter Sommer in Berlin
Suffer Survive To Turning Back CD/ Vinyl
Got Nuthin´ Back on the Streets CD/ Vinyl
Denny Crane release ´13 CD/ Vinyl
Cellgraft (USA) release ´13 CD/ Vinyl
September Murder He Who Invokes Decadence
Isolated release ´13 CD/ vinyl
Tungsten Axe (SWE) Swedish Iron
Rykers Brother Against Brother VINYL
Rykers First Blood VINYL
Rykers Payback Time VINYL
Who’s My Saviour a wall of sickness CD/ VINYL
Buzz Dees Icke CD/ VINYL
Zombie Lake Plague Of The Dead CD/ VINYL
Sammath (HOL) Godless Arrogance CD/ VINYL
Orphan Playground Sniper Chronicles of Booze, Bitches & Brutality
I Can´t Swim Dino
Pitfall 12″ EP vinyl
Entrails Massacre Decline of our Century CD/ Vinyl
V.A. compilation Voll uffe Omme
Devil Inside LP
SM 70 LP
Light The Cult of Light
Entrails Massacre Alienation Anarchism
Tarnkappe (HOL) Tussen Hun En De Zon CD/Vinyl
Rort Warpath LP
The Bermones/ No Exit Split CD
Edge Of Ever Global Ignition CD/ vinyl
LaMueka (VEN) Conspirando En El Bar
Tobende Ossis T.O. TRUE
Resurrected Penetrance of Terror
Protection of Hate POHC Chapter III
Bluthuf EP 2015
Blaze Camo (US) the lost tapes VINYL
Die Arbeitslosen Bauarbeiter Meine Liebe – Mein Verein
Cerebric Turmoil Neural Net Meltdown
Sebastian Krämer Lieder Wider Besseres Wissen
Harmony Dies Indecent Paths Of A Ramifying Darkness
Systemo Läuft !
Scum Human (USA) 7″ EP
Cyness split EP /w Excruciating Terror (USA)
Toxic Nation Doomsday EP
Betalmand Wüstenplanet Vinyl/CD
Firerazor We’ve got you
Across the Burning Sky The End is Near
Fuck on the Beach (JAP) Today is Start VINYL
Porta Inferi The Chronicals Of Human Failure
Voltax (MEX) No Retreat…You Surrender
Zombie Lake (US) The Dawn Of Horror
Dmize (US) Dmize VINYL
Sadist (US) Shadow of the Swastika VINYL
Die Arbeitslosen Bauarbeiter Tasty Tuesday Tunes
Harm Done/ Sex Prisoner Split LP/ CD
Edge Of Ever We’ll came with the Flood
Burn the Hostages LP 2018
Last Bit Of Sanity Constant Companion
Violent Frustration Split LP
Isolated Live EP
Crystal Palace Scattered Shards
Manos True Life (Vinyl/ CD)
Der Münzer Gift
Fucking Hostile I believe in Violence Vinyl/ CD
Isolated 25 years strong Vinyl version, NOT CD version !!!
Moshtec do you wanna die?
Sammath (NL) Across the Rhine is only death LP/ CD
Killing Spree IN Conflict (Vinyl/ cd)
SDI 80s Metal Band (Vinyl/ cd)
Face of Terror 7″ EP
Devil Inside Devil Inside LP
Sheer Terror Hässlich und Stolz LP
Realized (JAP) Psychoactive Discharge LP
Sammath Verwoesting Devastation LP
Sammath Dodengang LP
Depulsor Walking Amongst The Undead
Witch’s Kiss (Jap) The Witching Hour
Vendetta Amici Dei Inemici Mundi LP
Last Hope My Own Way LP
Kaeck Het Zwarte Dictaat LP/ CD